Implements configuration parameter features.

Global Parameters

>>> import textnets as tn
>>> tn.params.update({"lang": "de", "autodownload": True})
>>> tn.params["seed"]
autodownload (default: False)

If True, textnets should attempt to download any required language models.

ffca_cutoff (default: 0.3)

Membership degree threshold (alpha) for concept lattice (see Tho et al. [2006]).

lang (default: en_core_web_sm)

Default language model to use.

progress_bar (default: True)

If True, display a progress bar for long-running tasks in interactive use.

resolution_parameter (default: 0.1)

Resolution parameter (gamma) for community detection (see Reichardt and Bornholdt [2006], Traag et al. [2019]).

seed (default: random integer)

Specify a seed for the random number generator to get reproducible results for graph layouts and community detection.

tuning_parameter (default: 0.5)

Tuning parameter (alpha) for inverse edge weights (see Opsahl et al. [2010]).

Module attributes


Container for global parameters.



Initialize the random seed.



Container for global parameters.